Ensemble 1685

Every month at The Herbert Gallery, a group of singers can be heard filling the halls with carefully selected songs from the past 1000 years. Inspired by the birthdate of the two legendary classical musicians, Handel and Bach, Ensemble 1685 was founded by Artistic Director Richard Jeffcoat. The group was formed in 2005, with singers he met while working in Coventry Cathedral. In the last five years alone, Ensemble 1685 has put on more than 350 musical performances around the Midlands as well as in Europe and the rest of the UK.  Watch video >>

Coventry Christmas Lights

Thousands of people gathered in the centre of Coventry, to see the 2014 christmas lights switched on. Union J, Sam and Mark and Santa were on hand to join in the celebrations. You can see a full round-up of the social media surrounding the event here https://storify.com/CoventryTV/covswitchon  Watch video >>

Coventry Christmas Lights 2014

Thousands of people flocked to the centre of Coventry to see the christmas lights switched on. Coventry TV was there to see what people thought.  Watch video >>

Two Tone Appeal

The Belgrade’s hit 2 Tone musical is coming back, but they are asking for your help! Inspired by the music of The Selecter, The Specials and the 2 Tone scene, Three Minute Heroes will be back at the Belgrade Theatre in October. The theatre are now looking for any pictures, album covers or any other items you may have to possibly use on the set for the play. Check http://www.belgrade.co.uk/event/three-minute-heroes and email the designer at: patricknconnellan@googlemail.com if you can help.  Watch video >>

Coventry ring road at 40 in 40 seconds!

Coventry ring road is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. Whether you love it or hate it - there's no doubt it's had a big impact on the City. To mark the special occasion, Coventry TV thought it would be nice to take a trip around the road in a 40 year old Triumph Spitfire and to speed to footage up ever so slightly.  Watch video >>

Threat to Coventry Swimming Pool

Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre was built in 1966 and since has become an iconic landmark. Coventry City Council has recently announced plans to replace the centre, demolishing the original, and rebuilding elsewhere in the city. Coventry TV spoke to people using the pool, to see what they think of the proposed closure.  Watch video >>

Coventry Community Farm

Five-Acre Farm is one of the first community farms as part of a new initiative sweeping across the UK. Based in Ryton, the farm operates as a partnership between a grower and the local community.  Watch video >>

Refugee Hope Opening Night

A group of students from Coventry University have launched a new charity, to help people caught up in the conflict in the Middle East. Refugee Hope is designed to raise awareness of the plight of hundreds of thousands of people suffering in the crisis.  Watch video >>

Homeless in Coventry

As the cold weather takes hold, Coventry TV has been investigating what life is like for homeless people in Coventry this winter.  Watch video >>

Keresley Greenbelt

Keresley Parish Council are taking action against plans to build on Coventry greenbelt land. Coventry TV went along to the crucial planning meeting.  Watch video >>

Coventry City Centre Regeneration Part 1

Coventry City Centre is about to undergo its biggest change for a generation. £300 million will be spent transforming an area that has been much maligned since the infamous Gibson Plan of the 1950s and 1960s. In the first of a series of reports on Coventry TV, we take a look at the drastic changes before and after the original regeneration of Coventry City Centre.  Watch video >>

Dr Tony Iommi receives Degree

Dr Geoff Wilcocks the Head of performing arts at Coventry University gives a eulogy to Dr Tony Iommi, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist. Tony Iommi received an honorary doctorate from Coventry University for his services to heavy metal music.  Watch video >>

Black Sabbath guitarist becomes a doctor

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has been called a lot of things over the course of his career, and now he can add “doctor” to the list. The heavy metal legend was recently awarded an honorary doctorate by Coventry University, bestowed “in recognition of his contribution to the world of popular music”. He told Coventry TV's Zain Luke Ali, that he was very honoured and had grown up always being told that he'd never achieve anything in his life!  Watch video >>

Bring the Sky Blues home, say fans

“Bring the Sky Blues home for Christmas” was the loud message from fans outside the Council House, on Tuesday 22nd October, as they handed in a new petition as part of their on going campaign to get Coventry City back to Coventry. Over 800 signatures were collected in 4 days and more information can be found out about the campaign via Twitter at @CovBackToRicoh.  Watch video >>

Christmas Coke for Coventry

The sight of the Coca Cola truck has almost become synonymous with the festive season. In the build up to christmas it's touring towns and cities across the UK. Coventry TV went to see what it meant to people as it visited the city centre.  Watch video >>

Coventry Christmas Lights switch on

Christmas came to Broadgate on November 24th, with the annual Christmas lights switch on - there was singing, snow, countdowns and the festive season has officially arrived!  Watch video >>

Coventry Christmas Lights Entertainment

Performers entertain the crowds ahead of the Christmas lights switch on in Coventry city centre.  Watch video >>