Tenth day of Christmas

Richard Jeffcoat from Ensemble 1685 tells Coventry TV what Christmas means to him.  Watch video >>

Ninth day of Christmas

A message from Cranium in Fargo Village on what Christmas means to him.  Watch video >>

Eighth day of Christmas

The leader of Coventry City Council, Ann Lucas, tells us what christmas means to her.  Watch video >>

Seventh day of Christmas

A festive message from Coventry Market on the seventh day of christmas  Watch video >>

Sixth day of Christmas

On the sixth day of christmas, as special message from Fargo Village and Coventry.  Watch video >>

Fifth day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas a special message from Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey.  Watch video >>

Fourth day of Christmas

In our fourth festive message, Dr Jason Ferdinand from Coventry University told us why Christmas is so important to him.  Watch video >>

Third day of Christmas

In the latest christmas message from Coventry TV, Angela Darling from Heaven Vintage in Fargo Village, told us what makes the festive season special to her.  Watch video >>

Second Day of Christmas

In the second of our christmas messages, Carl O'Neill, the goalkeeper for Coventry Sphinx football club, explained what the festive season means to him and his family.  Watch video >>

First day of Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, Coventry TV is finding out what the festival season means to people in the city. Superman - or rather Antonio Cortez gave us his views.  Watch video >>